AM Flowmeters (Oval Gear)
High accuracy due to oval rotor design

The liquid meters type AM are positive displacement flowmeters according to the oval rotor design. They are suitable for measuring thin up to high viscosity substances. The models are available to cover a range of flowrates from 0,01 to 1200 l/min.

The meters are manufactured in PPS, aluminium and stainless steel and are featuring a high measurement accuracy of +/- 0,5%. By adaption of the oval rotors and the seal, ALPHADYNAMIC AM liquid meters suit a wide variety of applications.

The AM liquid meters can be used up to a maximum operating pressure of 55 bar and a maximum temperature of 80o C or 120o C, depending of the material of construction. An easy of operation is provided via multifunctional keys on a 7-digit liquid crystal display unit.

The AM liquid meter can also be used as a pre-settable batch controller, actuating to a magnetic valve or a pump.


Features and advantages

  • Flowrate of 0,01 - 1250 l/min
  • Temperature up to 120o C
  • Operating pressure up to 55 bar
  • Oval rotors in Stainless steel and PPS
  • Low pressure drop
  • Modular design, measuring unit and digital display separate
  • Ease of operation via multi-functional keys
  • Easy to read 13mm 7-digit liquid crystal unit
  • Display of quantity per operation , totalizer or instantaneous flowrate per minute
  • Control of magnetic valves or a pump by using an interface amplifier
  • Pre-settable batch controller up to 9999 litres per operation
  • Direct or remote control service
  • Display in litres , imperial gallons or US gallons
  • Protected to IP 54
  • Portable use with pumps or fixed installation into pipework systems
  • Explosions proof to EEXx ia IIC T6


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