Oenology Pumps

The progressive cavity pumps and wobble pumps are the most reliable positive displacement pumps with the wider use in the industry.

The plain use, the almost free of pulses controlled flow, the possibility for automatic suction as well as the applying in promoting non homogenous liquids of high viscosity, justify the triumphant course of these pumps so far.

ALPHADYNAMIC has long length design screw pumps which distinguish for their high degree of performance an tolerance.


Flow : Up to 60m3/h
Viscosity: Up to 500.000 cps
Temperature : Up to 90C
Max Pressure : 6 Bar.

The progressive cavity pumps and wobble pumps can be:

  • Supplied with By Pass allowing regulation of pump capacity in accordance with the needs of the user
  • Supplied with dual speed
  • Supplied with Frequency converter
  • Supplied with Dry - Running protection
  • Supplied with hopper
  • Supplied with trolley
  • Supplied with gear motor


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