Diaphragm minipump ADB005
in PP
Standard version: II 3/3G c IIB T 135°C (for Zone 2)
Conduct version: II 2/2GD c IIB T 135°C (for Zone 1)

Featuring uncomplicated and quick maintenance, easily replaceable components, the ADB005 diaphragm pumps are fed by non-lubricated air and have adjustable delivery and head.
In the Conduct version, their explosion-proof characteristics have been certified to the Atex 94/0/EC Machinery Directive.
Other technical advantages include speed fine tuning while maintaining pressure high, splittable manifolds, possibility of mounting the fittings in three different positions on the intake or delivery side. Furthermore, these air diaphragm pumps can run dry without any problem and are equipped with a patented internal exchanger coaxial to the shaft.


Technical data table of the ADB005 diaphragm minipumps
These data are not binding



Suction/delivery ports (in inches)

G 1/4

Air port (in inches)

G 1/8

Max dry suction (in m) (*)


Max delivery (in l/min)


Max head (in m)


Max air feed pressure (in bar)


Net weight PP (kg)


(*) Depending on construction material






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