AD Flexible impeller pumps

Volumetric Stainless Flexible Impeller Pumps, mostly suitable for the transfer of delicate, fragile and viscous medium, also with solid parts in suspension.

The ALPHADYNAMIC Pumps are widely used:


In the oenological field

Wine, must, stemmed grapes e.t.c

In food processing

Beer, fruit pulp and juice, honey, glycose, syrups, melted butter,liquid sugar,yogurt, eggs in liquid form,brine, tomato pulp and juice pulp e.t.c

In the chemical industry

Water based glues,glycerine, wax,emulsion starch,detergents, rubber latex, liquid for phtograph process, ink, industrial discharges, paint, polyelectrolyte e.t.c

In cosmetics industy and in the production of pharmaceutical products

Cream, shampoo, liquid soap,cleaning lotion e.t.c


Characteristics of operation and benefits - Pump principle

The vanes of the flexible impeller will deform slightly so that they lead the liquid inside the pump and move it to the discharge gate at a steady flow rate.
This principle combines both a smooth operation of the pump and a high activity of automatic suction.


Self priming

Self priming of the product up to 6m., even from a dry starting point

Reversible operation

The pump can work in both the 2 directions of operation. That is a fact that allows the return of the excess liquid, without a manual intervention to be demanded. In the same time, the easy emptying of the pipes is allowed on completion of liquid transfer.

Excellent priming action,
even in the low rotations, a fact that allows the transfer of soft and delicate liquids with viscocities up to 50.000 cps or with solid particles in suspension, without causing foaming, their turning on emulsion or the damaging of particles.

Smooth and steady pumping,
of the product without pressure from the spikes (even flow rate is ideal for filling, dosing or filtration).




Flow rate: Up to 56.000 litres/h
Viscocities: Up to 50.000 cp
Temperature of fluids: Up to 90 C
Maximum differential pressure: 3 bar

The "AD" series pumps can be:

  • Supplied with a "BY PASS" allowing regulation of pump capacity in accordance with the needs of the user
  • Supplied with DUAL Motors
  • Supplied with Frequency Converter
  • Supplied with Mechanical Variator
  • Supplied with bare shaft
  • Supplied with Dry-Running Protection



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